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Cast Of Iron
Everybody in the main cast is Made of Iron
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Characters who are Made of Iron can shrug off damage that should cause crippling or fatal injuries like it was nothing. This trope is when the entire cast is Made of Iron.

Unless the work is about a lone Badass protagonist fighting veritable armies of Mooks, any work that features characters Made of Iron is likely to fit this trope. After all, if Super Toughness or Nigh-Invulnerability isn't explicitly Invoked, it would be hard to understand why one character could eat bullets for breakfast and calmly stroll out of explosions while everybody else is busy bleeding to death. Having everybody be Made of Iron allows for much cooler fight scenes than if damage were portrayed realistically, especially if supernatural powers that should kill real-life humans are involved, avoids showing gruesome injuries or death in works meant for younger demographics, and maintains balance and tension when the trope applies to the villains as well.

Hero Insurance is a must for a Cast Of Iron: when multiple characters are battling full-out against scenery that is weaker than they are, there's bound to be property damage. Often overlaps with World of Badass. Expect to find Hollywood Healing, Hard Head, and How Much More Can He Take fights in abundance, and the occasional character with Nigh-Invulnerability to provide a challenge for this hardy cast.
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