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Instant Chucks

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"Sword Chucks, yo!"
Fighter, 8BitTheater
"I need gopher-chucks!"

Nunchucks are fun! The ninja love them, and they are one of the most famous martial arts weapons around (next to the katana. The best thing about them is the fact that they are so easy to make! All you have to do, is take two random items, and connect them with a rope or a chain, and there you go! Instant Chucks!

Forget practicality, this one runs on pure Rule of Cool. Being such an easy weapon to make, The Combat Pragmatist can make some while locked in battle. If he is fighting multiple enemies, Asskicking ensues, if not, they will be discarded very quickly.

Sister Trope to Sword Chucks, which is an example itself, however unlike the Sword Chucks trope itself, this trope is specifically for chucks and chucks only.

Examples====Examples (Example-chucks)

  • Fighter had the grand idea to connect two swords together and make Sword Chucks.
  • In Kung Pow!, The Chosen One gained the help of two gophers and made Gopher-chucks in the middle of a fight.
  • A giant Zoidberg attempted to use a train as nunchucks against a giant Bender in an episode of Futurama, it didn't last.
  • Lightsaber chucks!
  • Bayonetta used gun-chucks.
  • The Wii-mote nunchuck extention.
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