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Skippy's List Spoof

A humorous list of the various things a character or characters are not allowed to do.

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Just as the Evil Overlord List has spawned a multitude of other guides on how to be Genre Savvy, so has Skippy's List inspired many other lists of things that people, characters, or groups are not allowed to do (or are no longer allowed to do, after last week's fiasco.) A Skippy's List Spoof is distinguished from other types of humorous Long List in that it is specifically addressed to one person or group of people, ostensibly written by their superiors (or someone who is supposed to have a modicum of control over The Loonie or Loonies in question) in an attempt to curtail their shenanigans. The title of the list is usually "Things [X] is Not Allowed to Do [at the Y]", or a variation thereupon.

Compare and contrast Rule-Breaker Rule-Namer, when a rule applied to the general community is named or nicknamed after one person or group who breaks it frequently.


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