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Food Abuse
What happens when an UnsatisfiableCustomer fails to be NiceToTheWaiter.
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Do We Have This One?? We have Unsatisfiable Customer and Nice to the Waiter, but do we have what actually happens when these meet? Namely, when a waiter has just had enough from a horrible customer, they decide to seek revenge by something some hideously unsanitary things to their food before bringing it to them. Spitting in it seems to be the most common, since it can be simple, discreet, and often undetectable, however, it's increasingly common for things to get even more Squicky. Other times, they don't do anything involving bodily fluids, but will admit that they didn't both to make a new one after the original, say, fell on the floor.

This is definitely Truth in Television, as waiters endure a huge amount of abuse, and, being human, they will inevitably snap. Dane Cook mentioned specifically, that once, after dealing with a horrible customer, admitted to stirring her martini with... something besides a Swizzle Stick.
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