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In a Beat Em Up (usually), you can't advance 'til you've gotten rid of all these mooks.
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A Video Game trope most often found in Beat 'em Ups, where the Player Character can't advance until he or she hasn't gotten rid of a certain amount of mooks.

The Trope Namer is Viewtiful Joe, where the in-game announcer(-ette) shouts this phrase whenever the eponymous Joe has to deal with some mooks before going on.


Beat 'em Up

Action Adventure
  • Various The Legend of Zelda games tend to trap Link in a room when he's exploring a new dungeon, with the doors opening only when he's done wiping the floor with the mooks.

Run and Gun
  • The Metal Slug games have this happening at least once in each stage, with the player being able to continue when the enemies are dead. This kind of pause ends when the "GO->" signal shows up.

Role-Playing Games
  • Chrono Trigger plays this trope even more straight than other RPGs because in its case there's literally no distinction between the overworld and the battlefield, at least visually.
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