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The use of an object or event to represent something larger.

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It came to the attention of the TRS that we somehow lack a real trope on Symbolism and that Symbolism merely redirects to Rule of Symbolism. This page will not be used to gather examples of symbolism but rather to gather subtropes.

Symbolism is a very old, common and broad trope used to represent an idea, belief, event or other similar things by using a lesser object or event to represent it. For example, the color green will often represent envy and jealousy or red may represent wrath. Objects can symbolize many different things as well: An apple could easily represent temptation, conflict or knowledge depending on how it's used. In a mundane way, you can even have very common cases like a flag representing a country.

As such a widespread and useful trope for making a point, symbolism has a massive amount of usage and subtropes, so please do not list examples on this page.

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