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Humans Are Absent
A work with a little amount humans.
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It's true that Humans Are Bastards. That, and centering works around colorful animals is more child-friendly. So for these reasons, a lot of works center around animal characters, with only a very small amount of human characters.

Specific Versions:
  • Humans exist and everyone knows about them, but they are very rare in the setting. Other characters might be Funny Animals, fantasy creatures, aliens, etc. (Example: Adventure Time).
  • Humans are very common, and may be the dominant species, but only a few appear in the story, which is dominated by animal or fantasy characters (Exammple: Finding Nemo, Bambi).
  • Humans are everywhere, but mostly you might just see their feet or vehicles from the point of view of an animal character. There are only a few human characters that have a speaking role (Example: Oliver & Company).

See also Xeno Fiction, Beast Fable, Humanity's Wake, and World of Funny Animals for when there are no humans at all.


  • The Pokémon short film Pikachu's Vacation, which was played before Pokémon: The First Movie and is on that movie's DVD, only has the trainers at the very beginning and end.

  • In Bambi humans don't appear often but play an important role.

Newspaper Comics:
  • The only human characters in U.S. Acres are a farmer and his daughter who appeared right after Orson fell out of the truck and took him to the farm. They only appeared for four strips, were only seen waist-down or in silhouette, and never appeared again.
  • Stephen Pastis's Author Avatar is the only human main character in Pearls Before Swine. However, one-shot human characters appear quite often.

Western Animation:
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