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No Not Really Gag
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This is a stock gag where a character says something outlandish, naturally prompting their partner/straight man to ask something along the lines of "really?" The answer, of course, is no, that wasn't true. A form of Bait and Switch. A very minor version of an Overly Preprepared Gag, since it hedges on the second character asking about the outlandish statement. Closely related to Ask a Stupid Question... and NOT!.


  • Used in all of Chris Elliott's ads for Tostitos chips. See here.

Films - Animated
  • In Shrek 2 when Donkey repeatedly asks "Are We There Yet?", he gets this answer when he is told they have arrived in Far Far Away.

Films - Live Action
Jack Burton: [points to Chinese writing on elevator] What does that say?
Wang Chi: [speaks some Chinese words] Hell of Boiling Oil.
Jack Burton: You're kidding.
Wang Chi: Yeah, I am. It says Keep Out.
  • Slightly subverted in Real Genius, where Kent catches on himself:
    Knight: Aw Kent, that is so unfair! And we were going to make you King of the Winter Carnival!
    Kent: Really? ...Oh ha ha.

Live-Action TV
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Ted asks a girl if she was "Always this pretty." She says no, she had buck teeth and was a hundred pounds heavier. When Ted asks "Really?" she says "No, I've always been hot."
    • Upon finding out that Barney and Robin had hooked up, Lily asks Robin what she's going to do. Robin says that they're going to move to Vermont and open a little bed and breakfast. Cue this trope.
  • In the pilot to Dead Like Me, George tries to bargain to get her life back, asking the Grim Reapers to take someone else. One of them says that they can, prompting this response.
  • In the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie," Dennis writes a movie, telling his sister Dee that that big twist is that she's going to star in it, when she asks really he says "NO! Lots of twists, try to keep up!"
  • From the trailer to the new season of Doctor Who:
    Doctor: I've seen bigger.
    Clara: Really?
    Doctor: Are you joking? It's massive!
  • Double subverted in an episode of That 70s Show: Eric's father's prized prized Corvette gets messed up when Eric drives it into a ditch while Red and Kitty are out of town. He plans to clean it before they come home. His friend gets a call saying they'll actually be back sooner, and tells Eric they'll be back in 40 minutes. Eric says "really?" and Hyde says, "naw, just kidding." After a beat he says they're going to be home in 20 minutes.

Eugene: While your friends collect the seven magic spheres to wish you back to life, you can train with the secret martial arts master who lives here in the afterlife!
Roy: ... Really?
Eugene: No, not really, you moron! Does this look like Dragon Ball Z to you?!?
Vaarsuvius: What possible preparation could a pastry chef make to increase their chances of fighting a dragon?!? I know, you could relay knowledge of the secret gap in the dragon's underbelly scales that is the exact size and shape of a banana nut muffin!
Qarr: Yeah, OK, good, and then your mate could throw the-
  • In DM of the Rings, the party leaves Frodo to fight the watcher in the lake alone and heads into Moria. When he catches up...
    Boromir: Was there any treasure?
    Frodo: Oh yeah, under the black festering water there was this big chest of gold coins for no reason at all, which I was able to easily open and pillage while fighting for my life.
    Sam: Really?
    Frodo: No.

Web Original
  • Red vs. Blue: The Grifball spin-off had this when someone asked whether a veteran of the war had any idea whether the aliens were any good at Grifball. The veteran says that yes, in between battles and them glassing their planets they went aside and played a game or two.

Western Animation
  • From Spongebob Squarepants episode "F.U.N":
    Plankton: I was using you to get to the Krabby Patty. But then you showed me friendship, and I realized... that's all I ever really wanted.
    SpongeBob: Really?
    Plankton: No, not really! Being evil is too much fun!
  • Used in Family Guy episode "Screwed The Pooch":
    Peter: Mr. Pewterschmidt, please? Can we still be pals? See, look. I made a picture of you and me out of glue and macaroni.
    Carter: Wow, Peter! That means a lot to me because you made it.
    Peter: Really?
    Carter: No! Get out of here!
  • South Park, "Butters' Very Own Episode:"
    Stan: Wow dude, your dad's a perv and your mom tried to kill you.
    Butters: Yeah. Boy, you fellas are sure gonna rip on me at school now.
    Cartman: We sure are.
    Butters: I really wish I didn't know that stuff. I guess I learned that sometimes, lying can be for the best. Yup. Oh well, when I get a chipotle bleu cheese bacon burger at Bennigan's, I forget all about my dad... bein' queer and my mom tryin' to kill me. I'm gonna be okay.
    Stan: Really?
    Butters: Naw, I'm lyin'.
    Chris (Butters' father): [appears in the doorway] Let's go, son.
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