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Sweats Napalm
An enemy is extremely flammable for no observable reason.
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In modern media, especially with video games, many creatures are easily set ablaze when coming into contact with a fire source...

ANY fire source.

Campfires? Yep. Touching Lava? ESPECIALLY Lava. Wooden Torches? Of course.

Spray Cans, lighters, road flares, incendiary ammo, matches, lasers, angry thoughts, and much, MUCH more will often send these unfortunately volatile critters into an agonizing but strangely hilarious fit of thrashing and shrieking before collapsing into a burnt-out husk.

Pass the marshmallows!

Note that this trope goes somewhat deeper than Kill It with Fire. In Kill It with Fire, the enemies are being burned to death by a perceivably dangerous or active fire source (such as from a flamethrower, magic, or a Hollywood explosion). A creature that Sweats Napalm, has not only a weakness to fire, but completely bursts into flames on contact and keeps burning until either the flames are somehow quenched (which is nearly impossible considering how aggressively they burn), or there isn't much left of the creature to burn and the fire is exhausted. They usually burn to death within seconds and are reduced to unrecognizable heaps of charred meat. Double points if said creatures can inadvertently light EACH OTHER on fire as well.


  • Twilight: Vampires in Twilight seem to have varying degrees of flammability. In the first movie, the protagonists kill and burn a vampire in a large fire. In the third film, Edward throws a lighter on a recently killed vampire. Both methods of burning resulted in vampire flambé. Even the latter's clothing rapidly burned away.
  • The Ring Wraiths in Lord of the Rings will burst into flames if they come in contact with a fire source. Aragorn uses this to an incredibly effective degree when he lights up half of them and hurls the torch so hard that it embeds into one's face. Didn't really seem to deter them for long, though
  • In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Obi-wan kills the cyborg General Grievous by using a discarded blaster to shoot Grievous' few remaining organic parts. He quickly catches on fire, and Grievous' face explodes


Liveaction Television

Tabletop Games
  • Vampires in New World of Darkness are highly flammable, though they appear to be just as moist as any other person.

Video Games
  • AdventureQuest: Werewolves originally had a large weakness to fire. Eventually each update made them even weaker to the point to where they would burn from the weakest fire sources. Even normal Wolves aren't spared from the blazing weakness.
  • Left 4 Dead series: The Infected in Left 4 Dead can be lit up from somewhat understandable sources, such as Molotov cocktails and to a stretch, incendiary ammo. However it's most obvious when the zombies toast themselves doing relatively not-deadly things such as vaulting over burn barrels or stepping on smoldering coals. Said things at their WORST would inflict minor burning and welting. The playable "Special Infected" can be set ablaze by small sources as well, and will actively burn for up to an entire minute (depending on HP) before suddenly dropping dead; rendered to a charred heap.
  • Half-Life The headcrab zombies burn pretty easily in the sequel, though everything else does as well. Road flares and even small debris fires will send even heavily armored Combine troops aflame.
  • Enemies in the game adaptation of The Thing will ignite at small fire sources. They may light each other on fire if they collide with one another, and may even light the player up as well.
  • TimeSplitters: Played straight for every enemy.
  • In earlier versions of Grand Theft Auto, characters are also extremely flammable. In fact, just bumping into a flaming person may also set you off too.

  • The Legend of Zelda: It is typical of Zoras to be weak to fire. While donning the Zora's mask in the aptly named Majora's Mask, contact with any fire source will immediately kill you, the last few seconds before continuing show Zora Link bursting into flames and collapsing.

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