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Beta Bitch

The second-in-command to the Alpha Bitch

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Every Alpha Bitch needs a right hand gal pal. Someone to order the students to Make Way for the Princess, someone to give orders to the Girl Posse on behalf of the Alpha Bitch, someone to nod along with the Alpha Bitch's comments and sneer at her victims, you get the picture. The Beta Bitch is the BFF to an existing Alpha Bitch. She's usually there to assist her in her schemes and act as a gossip buddy. A lot of the time she's more like a servant and is treated like one by her supposed friend, thus making her an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain. Other times she might be waiting in the wings for her chance to back stab her and usurp the role for herself. Or if the AB in question is actually a Lovable Alpha Bitch then the Beta Bitch will be the really nasty one and may even be jealous of the friendship between the Lovable Alpha Bitch and the Cool Loser. She is never the Former Friend of Alpha Bitch.


  • Gretchen of Mean Girls appears to be this to Regina initially but it soon turns out that the supposed heroine Cady is becoming one and she ends up becoming the new "Queen Bee" by accident.
  • Both film adaptations of Carrie turn a book character into one of these to give Chris a gal pal to help her with the prank. Norma is the Beta Bitch in the 70s film, Tina in the 2002 one. Neither was actually evil in the book, though Tina was friendly with Chris.
  • Heather Duke in Heathers fits the Butt-Monkey servant variety and is convinced to become the new Alpha Bitch when Heather Chandler dies.
  • Played with in The Hole. Frankie is portrayed as the Alpha Bitch in Liz's story but in the real version of the story both her and Liz appear to be equal.
  • Nikki to Stacy in Odd Girl Out. Stacy seems conflicted about tormenting Vanessa while Nikki is a straight up villain and leads the bullying on.
  • Liz in Sleepover to Stacy. In a twist, it's Stacy who gets the occasional Pet the Dog moment while Liz is barely developed at all.

Live Action TV
  • Clare to Kate in Lizzie McGuire. One episode has her taking the reigns while Kate is injured and she is even worse.
  • Muffy to Alana in That's So Raven. She seems to act as Alana's secretary to the rest of the students and translates whenever Alana speaks Spanish.
  • Drucilla to Ethel in The Worst Witch though in a twist, she is Ethel's only friend as the rest of the girls despise them both. She pulls off a Heel–Face Turn at the end of the series.
  • Harmony to Cordelia in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After Cordelia's social standing is ruined by dating Xander, Harmony becomes the new Alpha Bitch.
  • Tiffany to Miriam in H2O: Just Add Water. From what we see of her, she's not mean at all.


Western Animation
  • Courtney Grippling in As Told by Ginger is a Spoiled Sweet Lovable Alpha Bitch while it is her right hand girl Miranda that is the real villain. Miranda has a Beta Bitch too in her friend Mipsy. Interestingly, Ginger's so-called BFF Dodie is a borderline case too.
  • Appropriately titled, the Ashley clique in Recess has Ashley A as the Alpha Bitch and Ashley B as the Beta Bitch. When Ashley A is temporarily kicked out, Ashley B appears to be the leader.
  • In All Grown Up! Angelica is desperate to become this to Savannah but that role is already taken by Brianna.
  • Silver Spoon is this to Diamond Tiara in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
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