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Plot Concluding Marriage
Characters marry, plot solved.
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Alice is Ax-Crazy after Fred, who's into Claire who's avoiding Bob who's a secret agent in hiding. Somehow Claire also managed to piss Alice off by stealing her bike and now Fred is blackmailing Bob for -- oops, we're out of showtime. Quick, something!

Claire and Fred get married. Everything is settled. The end.

Nuptione Exmachina (or Marriage From The Machine for the non Latinophone) is basically a specific type of Ass Pull occurring at the end of a comedic work. Whatever was going on in the plot previously, a marriage or two will make it all better.

Compare and contrast with Weddings for Everyone, which covers examples where characters get married after the other aspects of the plot have been concluded.

Up for Grabs, Needs More Examples (Shakespearean examples anyone?), Needs a Better Description (although the Laconic is pretty much everything there is to say about this).

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