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Lost One Hand
A character loses one hand.
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One common and permanant injury is for a character to lose one hand. This is serious, though not seriously disfiguring, and allows a character to demonstrate his competency with only one hand.

A Sub-Trope of An Arm and a Leg, but often treated as not an actual handicap. The difficulties of managing one handed are often seriously underplayed.



  • In J. R. R. Tolkien's Silmarillion,
    • Maedhros's hand is cut off as the only way to free him from captivity.
    • Beren's hand is bitten off when he faces down the Big Bad Wolf.
  • In Gene Stratton Porter's Freckles, the Camp Cook thinks immediately that Freckles can't do a job because of his lost hand; the Boss shows his good nature by firmly insisting on interviewing him, and latter hiring him.
  • In The Queen of Attolia, Gen's hand is cut off when he's captured. His problems are given more than usual play.

  • Late in The Wheel of Time series, Rand loses one hand in an ambush. This is generally regarded as a reference to the Norse myth.

  • In Norse Mythology, Tyr puts his hand in Fenris's mouth as a pledge that the gods will free him from the chain they put on him. Because the entire point was to chain Fenris, he doesn't have a hand thereafter.

Video Games
  • In The Dig, the increasingly deranged Brink eventually gets so desperate for the addictive life crystals that he reaches into a hole in a rock to get one. Predictably, it becomes trapped and has to be amputated.

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