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Savage Piercings
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An older trope, maybe even Dead Horse Trope.

Let's say, there's a hero from the western world meeting a tribe of savages somewhere in Africa, or another part of the world far from western civilization. How do we depict that these people are savages?

By showing that they're pierced. Before piercing became mainstream in The '90s, in the western world it was common only among certain subcultures. Except for the accepted form: Earrings (women only). And that's why, someone wearing rings through his or her nose (or lips, or belly buttons, or nipples, or naughty bits) must be a savage. Bonus points if we aren't talking about metal rings, but pieces of wood, or worse, bones. And these bones often (especially in comics and animation) will more look like the standard doggie bones, know what I mean. Implying that these savages aren't even sophisticated enough to use tools. (In reality, stone age humans did that.)

Examples needed!
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