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Smashed Eggs Hatching
When smashing an egg leads to the creature inside emerging healthy and often ready for battle.
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This is the tendency in fiction to have eggs (be they spider eggs, dragons eggs, or insectoid alien eggs) as some sort of destructible object that when attacked, releases the creature inside. Oftentimes, they emerge ready to attack and, in some cases, even fully grown.

In games, this is often an excuse to give you an enemy to fight when the situation may have no other option. It also serves a similar gameplay purpose as the drama in You Can't Thwart Stage One, as it means you can't avoid a fight and make a situation an Anti-Climax.

Of course, this is an absurd misunderstanding of eggs. In Real Life, crushing an egg would almost certainly kill what's inside. Even if it somehow managed to survive, the fact that it's in an egg means it's a developing creature, meaning it would be crippled at best.

Often overlaps with Weaponized Offspring.


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  • Dr. Rumack in Airplane!! pulls birds from a sick lady's mouth, cracks them open and a bird flies out.
  • At the end of the 1960 film adaptation of The Lost World, a large egg is dropped and cracks open, revealing a tiny "baby T. rex".

  • Happens to Pinocchio when he attempts to make himself a meal.
  • In the Diane Duane Star Trek novel The Wounded Sky at the end of the novel Kirk accidentally drops the egg case left behind by K't'lk - which promptly hatches into her daughter self K's't'lk.

     Live-Action TV 
  • In The Young Ones episode "Bomb", the apparent atom bomb that fell into the lads' house from a plane turns out to be an airplane egg, which when thumped hatches out a tiny model plane that immediately flies away.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Magic: The Gathering's M14 set, there is a card called Dragon Egg that creates a Dragon creature token when it dies.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Module OA6 Ronin Challenge. The hen Sahira lays a variety of magical eggs for the use of the PCs, and two of them cause creatures to appear when broken.
      • When a Golden Egg is broken, a small bird made of fire appears and flies away, leading the party in the direction they need to go.
      • If a Grey Egg is shattered, a hkum yeng nat appears. If there is a village within 20 miles it attacks the PCs: if not, it serves them for five minutes.
    • Dragon Lance setting. The Incubalum is a unique magic item: an egg-shaped object about a foot long made of a tough grey material. If it's broken an adult version of a land-dwelling, egg-laying animal will appear from it, anything from a songbird to a dragon. It is not under anyone's control and acts normally for its type.
    • D&D Rules Cyclopedia. When broken, an Egg of Wonder releases a randomly determined animal which obeys the person who broke the egg. It remains for one hour or until killed, then disappears.

    Video Games 
  • World of Warcraft does this multiple times, including during the quest "The Clutches of Evil." You are tasked with destroying 15 Proto-Drake Eggs, which have a random chance of spawning a battle-ready Proto-Whelp upon destruction (note that the "Proto" refers to them being the evolutionary ancestors of the dragons, not that they are not-quite whelps).
  • Hearthstone:
    • The game has the card "Nerubian Egg." Its "Deathrattle" ability, which triggers when it is killed, causes a fully grown Nerubian to emerge.
    • The Naxxramas game board has spider egg sacs that, when poked enough, release baby spiders.
  • Firefall has Aranha egg sacs that explode when shot or when in proximity of the player, revealing combat-ready Aranhas inside.
  • In Rift, during the quest "Creepy Crawlies," you're tasked with collecting Venom Sacs from two kinds of giant spiders. One of these types of spiders come from Egg Sacs, which you attack, causing several spiders that are each larger than the egg sacs to emerge.
  • Dark Souls has the Egg Carrier enemy whose back is covered in eggs and, when killed, releases Vile Maggots to attack you.
  • Metroid
    • Subverted in Metroid Zero Mission. There is a point where Samus wanders into a nest filled with alien eggs, but cracking one causes it to leak into goo. However, she doesn't get away with this that easily. The angered mother of those eggs appears, initiating a Boss Battle.
    • Played straight in Metroid II: Return of Samus. When Samus enters the Metroid's nest, the eggs hatch and she has to deal with the larvae before she can complete the mission. However, this also leads to the birth of the baby that becomes the MacGuffin of Super Metroid.
  • A variant occurs in the old X-COM game with the Chryssalid zombies - killing them would instantly spawn a fully matured Chryssalid in its place, unless a heavy enough ordinance is used.
  • A bonus Scoring Points opportunity in Dynomite! (a Puzzle Bobble clone from PopCap Games); the gameplay involves smashing dinosaur eggs to progress, but eggs which are shaking are ready to hatch, and smashing them while they are still shaking results in the release of a cute baby dino which squeaks "Mama!" as it falls.
  • In Mega Man 2, Air Man's stage has an enemy who is a bird that drops eggs. Upon hitting the ground, the eggs hatch into smaller birds. Potentially justified by the fact they're robots and don't have to be built to follow the rules of the biological creatures they resemble.
  • In Crash Bandicoot 3, in the Dino Might! level, you can find a T-rex egg and then jump on it to smash it open, revealing a baby T-rex inside for you to ride it.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IV: A random encounter named Mystery Egg will hatch into a fully-powered monster after it takes enough damage. It will also hatch if enough time passes.
    • Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: In the village Invidia, there is a large dragon egg. The heroes plan to hatch the egg by either casting a fire spell at it, or by smashing it with a large hammer. This trope is averted because no matter which plan the player chooses, it will fail. The egg only hatches after playing a magical harp.
  • Occurs repeatedly in Warcraft III, where eggs often contain baby spiders or Nerubians when destroyed (some contain items).
  • Dragon Quest VI: One arc has you look for a monster preventing progress on clearing a mountain path. The cave leading to the monster is filled with eggs that contain a minor winged snake enemy when cracked (despite the monster referring to the eggs as her children, she's a dragon-dinosaur that looks nothing like a snake).
  • One of the Divine Beasts in Solatorobo averts this, since grabbing the eggs and throwing them into one another prevents them from hatching tiny birds that attack you.
  • Realm of the Mad God: Some rooms are filled with eggs which turn into fully capable spiders when they are broken. Breaking them too fast results in an enormous wave of spiders attacking.
  • Minecraft: Thrown eggs sometimes hatch into a young chicken that is feathered and capable of walking immediately.
  • In Banjo-Kazooie, the first step of Eyrie the Eagle's quest is to help baby Eyrie 'hatch' by smashing its egg open.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim add-on Dawnguard has this in form of pupae rather than eggs. A common enemy in cave dungeons is the chaurus, an insectoid monster which can be found as a roach-like larva (found in all versions of the game) and the mosquito-like imago (found only with the DLC Dawnguard). One transforms into the other by going through a pupal stage, just like real insects do; however, if you smash a pupa, a healthy chaurus imago emerges and attacks you.
  • Yoshi is found within eggs that are scattered throughout Super Mario Galaxy 2. You need to break him free by destroying said eggs in order to ride him. Justified in-game as the eggs were designed to trap the already long-hatched Yoshi rather than as a container for an unhatched Yoshi.
  • Super Mario RPG has a boss fight where the heroes attack an egg, causing it to hatch and reveal Birdo.
  • Diablo 3: Spider eggs, most frequently found in the Caverns of Aranea, are waiting to hatch hostile spiderlings whenever the player approaches or breaks one. Some areas have cocoons that serve the same function.
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption, hitting spider eggs results in them breaking open and releasing a swarm of baby spiders that promptly attack.

     Western Animation 
  • In the Classic Disney Short "Alpine Climbers", Mickey Mouse is caught stealing eagle eggs by the mama eagle, and to keep her from attacking he throws her own eggs at her. Each time the eggs hit, they hatch into eaglets, who are already able to fly and attack Mickey.
  • Double Subverted in the Futurama episode "Fry Am The Eggman". Fry takes an egg from an unknown species and tries to hatch it. Eventually he drops it, and at first it appears to be just a yolk inside. But then an alien creature crawls out of the mess and starts spraying acid everywhere.
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