Smashed Eggs Hatching
When smashing an egg leads to the baby inside emerging perfectly alive.
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This is the tendency in fiction to have eggs (be they spider eggs, dragons eggs, or insectoid alien eggs) as some sort of destructible object that when attacked, releases the creature inside. Oftentimes, they emerge ready to attack and, in some cases, even fully grown.

In games, this is often an excuse to give you an enemy to fight when the situation may have no other option. It also serves a similar gameplay purpose as the drama in You Can't Thwart Stage One, as it means you can't avoid a fight and make a situation an Anti-Climax.

Of course, this is an absurd misunderstanding of eggs. In Real Life, crushing an egg would almost certainly kill what's inside. Even if it somehow managed to survive, the fact that it's in an egg means it's a developing creature, meaning it would be crippled at best.

This is my first YKTTW and honestly I'm not sure I'll be able get this thing launched, so it's Up for Grabs, but I can't believe we don't seem to have this one. I swear this thing is inevitable if your game has eggs that can be destroyed. This could use a better name and description, but it was all I could come up with.


  • Dr. Rumack in Airplane!! pulls birds from a sick lady's mouth, cracks them open and a bird flies out.
  • At the end of the 1960 film adaptation of The Lost World, a large egg is dropped and cracks open, revealing a tiny "baby T. rex".

  • In White Dragon, from Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, Jaxom breaks open an odd-looking dragon egg that everyone assumed would hold only a dead, misshapen dragon. The shell was actually just too tough for the baby dragon to break, and it imprinted onto the young lord immediately.
    • "He says his name is Ruth!"

Video Games
  • World of Warcraft does this multiple times, including during the quest "The Clutches of Evil." You are tasked with destroying 15 Proto-Drake Eggs, which have a random chance of spawning a battle-ready Proto-Whelp upon destruction (note that the "Proto" refers to them being the evolutionary ancestors of the dragons, not that they are not-quite whelps).
  • In Rift, during the quest "Creepy Crawlies," you're tasked with collecting Venom Sacs from two kinds of giant spiders. One of these types of spiders come from Egg Sacs, which you attack, causing several spiders that are each larger than the egg sacs to emerge.
  • Dark Souls has the Egg Carrier enemy whose back is covered in eggs and, when killed, releases Vile Maggots to attack you.
  • Metroid
    • Subverted in Metroid Zero Mission. There is a point where Samus wanders into a nest filled with alien eggs, but cracking one causes it to leak into goo. However, she doesn't get away with this that easily. The angered mother of those eggs appears, initiating a Boss Battle.
    • Played straight in Metroid II: Return of Samus. When Samus enters the Metroid's nest, the eggs hatch and she has to deal with the larvae before she can complete the mission. However, this also leads to the birth of the baby that becomes the MacGuffin of Super Metroid.
  • A variant occurs in the old X-Com game with the Chryssalid zombies - killing them would instantly spawn a fully matured Chryssalid in it's place, unless a heavy enough ordinance is used.
  • A bonus Scoring Points opportunity in Dynomite! (a Puzzle Bobble clone from PopCap Games); the gameplay involves smashing dinosaur eggs to progress, but eggs which are shaking are ready to hatch, and smashing them while they are still shaking results in the release of a cute baby dino which squeaks "Mama!" as it falls.
  • In Mega Man 2, Air Man's stage has an enemy who is a bird that drops eggs. Upon hitting the ground, the eggs hatch into smaller birds. Probably justified by the fact they're robots.

Tabletop Games
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