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Sliding Scale of Season Transition Fluidity
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Basically, how much of the series' premise a season transition changes, and how noticeable it is to the audience.

Sailor Moon is firmly at one end of the scale - each season is basically its own series with the same protagonists, but with a different title, Big Bad, and Plot Coupons. (And remember that R was a Post Script Season.)

By contrast, Stargate SG-1 is more or less tied together: except for the transition between season 8 (which resolved the Anubis, Goa'uld and Replicator subplots) and Post Script Season 9, the seasons are not disjoint, have multiple ongoing arcs tying them together, and season finales are basically "more climactic" versions of regular two-parters. Xena: Warrior Princess feels even more as a whole, Or So I Heard.

The new Doctor Who is somewhere in the middle: each season is essentially a self-contained arc, and so far every season transition brought either a new Doctor or a new companion, but at least the Doctor never stops travelling and the series never pretends that it's over. And there are some overarching subplots as well, like the Face of Boe one.
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