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Addendum to Phoney Call
An addition to Phoney Call to extend it to another situation
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Bob is in the room with Alice and Carol. Alice and Carol really want X to happen. However, Bob must get authorization from Dale to make X happen. So, Bob calls up Dale and asks him for permission, and at some point Dale hangs up on him. Bob, not wanting to demoralize Alice and Carol, pretends that the conversation is still going, either by simply saying what he would say based on desirable responses from Dale, or by Repeating So The Audience Can Hear combined with Blatant Lies.

Should also overlap with Holding Both Sides of The Conversation


Live-Action TV
  • Ari from ''Series/Entourage'' frequently does this
  • Martinez from ''Series/CHAOS'' does this at one point, too.
  • I'm sure ''Series/Chuck'' did this as well

Sorry for the example shortage, but I know there's more, I just can't think of them right now. I've seen it at least a couple dozen times.
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