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High-Heeled Shoe Phone
An Action Girl's equipment is disguised as specifically female accessories.
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Yeah, I know, Needs a Better Title. Also Needs More Examples.

If you're a secret agent or superhero, your equipment might be disguised as all kinds of mundane items. Briefcases, wristwatches, walking sticks, and of course shoes.

If your a female secret agent or superheroine, it's more likely to be handbags, make-up cases, fashion items, and jewellry.

There is a certain logic to this; since the purpose is to avoid attention it makes sense for them to be items people would expect a woman to be carrying. Even then Unfortunate Implications can kick in; in this day and age is it really the case that a woman carrying the Briefcase Blaster would stand out?

It gets really unfortunate when there's a character whose gadgets aren't disguised, but whose Distaff Counterpart has almost identical gadgets designed to resemble make-up items for no apparent reason.

Comic Books
  • The original Bat Woman had a Utility Purse, containing items such as the Bat-Compact, which let her blow powder at bad guys.
  • Parodied in L.E.G.I.O.N. 007 (an Elseworld putting the L.E.G.I.O.N. chaacters in a Tuxedo and Martini pastiche), with the items created for "The Girl From L.E.G.I.O.N." including a bulletproof bikini, a razor-sharp (and stylish) belt, and jet propelled stilleto heels.
    Stealth: Why do my secret weapons always have to be so effeminate? I mean, I'd like a super-fast, flame-throwing, armored sports car too.

Live-Action TV

Western Animation
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