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Extremely Limited Vocabulary
A character can only say a few words.
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For one reason or another, a character is limited to only being able to say one word. Pokémon Speak and Verbal Tic Name are variations of this.
A character who falls under this trope may be subject to So What You Are Saying.
  • The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training: the Bears use the mentally challenged groundskeeper as a beard so they can go on a road trip without any supervision. All he can say is Hello! How are you?" Except at the end when he says "Goodbye."
  • Crazy People: All David Paymer's character can say for much of the movie is "Hello." He even has a song about it.
  • Timmy of South Park can pretty much only say, "Timmy!".
  • Seen in the Newgrounds flash series "Larry the Littlest Freakin Knight", with a minion who can literally only say "yes". The big bad thinks it's hysterical, and makes him say yes to increasingly absurd and embarrassing questions.
  • In Who Shot Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns awakens from a coma, with only the words "Homer Simpson" in his vocabulary.
  • Errand (from the Belgariad) starts out this way, mainly because the only thing Zedar ever told him was "I have an errand for you". He eventually learns to talk.
  • The Seagulls in Finding Nemo are certainly an example of this.
  • Sandal (From Dragon Age), who can't say anything but "Enchantment!". He's also an extremely talented enchanter.
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