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Fourth Grade Dwarves, Fifth Grade Giants

The kids in the next grade are always much bigger.

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Often in cartoons with Pint Sized Kids, the kids in the next grade up will be exaggeratedly bigger than them.

While this is mostly used in animation, it's not unheard of in live action. Of course in live action it often requires Dawson Casting and it's usually Hand Waved as them having a growth spurt.


Western Animation
  • In Hey Arnold! the fifth graders are depicted as having the size and musculature of highly athletic 18 year olds. In one instance a fifth grader body checks a mail box while practicing football and crushes it. Interestingly enough, sixth graders are portrayed as roughly the same height but significantly lankier.
  • Arthur plays it straight between its third-grade main cast and fourth-grade supporting characters like Prunella (as well as Binky, who is repeating third), but averted it during an episode taking place when the cast was in second grade. The characters were the same size as in their usual appearances.
  • South Park: The third graders are always intimidated by the much bigger, and somewhat more realistically animated, fifth graders. When the third graders finally make it to fourth, those same bullies have grown into sixth graders.
  • The school Recess is set in goes up to the 6th grade, and they are depicted as monstrous.

Real Life
  • Somewhat justified in Real Life and casting due to growth spurts.

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