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Secretly related
Two characters are related, but keep their relation a secret to everyone else.
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This is when two characters are related, but nobody else is aware. Maybe one character is good and wants to hide their relation to the Big Bad or vise versa. Maybe one of them is The Mole and can't reveal their relation in order to earn the trust of the Hero and his friends. Or maybe they are just really distant.

Either way, this trope is when during the story two characters are revealed to the audience and the other characters to be related in some way.

The inverse of tropes like Luke, I Am Your Father, Luke, You Are My Father and Separated at Birth in that the characters are aware of their relation, while nobody else is.

Compare Resemblance Reveal

As a reveal trope, Beware of Unmarked Spoilers.


Anime and Manga
  • The Monkey family of One Piece, even when two of them are notorious criminals, really are distant. Up until the end of Enies Lobby arc, very few (if at all) know that legendary Marine officer Garp, the Revolutionary Dragon and Straw-Hat Luffy are related by blood - and Garp himself accidentally reveals this (while acting like it's not a big deal).
    • Also the Gol (nee Portgas) family. This one's justified since Gol D. Roger is the Pirate King and that his wife tried her hardest to hide his son's identity to the world. Said son, Ace, also goes by his mother's maiden surname, rather than his dad's like his mom intended to (partly because Ace hates his father).

  • At the end of the film of Maverick, it turns out that Cooper and Maverick are father and son.

  • In the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz, Alaric Morgan and Duncan McLain are actually first cousins, and they reveal this only to very close friends. In the prequel novel In the King's Service, Alyce de Corwyn learns she has a twin sister (Lady Vera Howard) after her father's death: the girls' Deryni parents knew they were expecting twins, and they passed off one of the girls as the offspring of a human couple (friends of theirs) in hopes of protecting at least one of their children from anti-Deryni persecution. The persecution threat continues into the lives of their sons; Duncan becomes a priest despite canon law that bars Deryni from the priesthood (the penalty is death by burning at the stake). Morgan, like his mother, is known to be a Deryni, so revealing the full degree of their blood ties would be dangerous for Duncan.

Live-Action Television
  • In Tower Prep, In one of the episodes around the finale, it is revealed that CJ and the Headmaster are daughter and father, and he made her tell him information about the planned escape from the school.
  • Similar to the above, in House of Anubis Mr.Sweet is revealed as Eddie's father, after Patricia overhears a conversation between them. Later, the whole school finds out by accident when Patricia accidentally turns on the intercom and reveals it to everyone while talking to Eddie. The secrecy was mostly because they were distant, as Mr.Sweet was a Disappeared Dad for a while. The rest of the season, they attempt to become closer, once the secret is out.

Professional Wrestling
  • For a long time the marriage of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was not officially acknowledged, until the leadup to a WrestleMania match between H and Randy Orton. Triple H called it the "worst-kept secret in wrestling."
  • WCW Crockett circa 1987: Jimmy Garvin and Ron Garvin reveal that they're brothers, Jimmy turns face, and they feud with the Midnight Express and the Four Horsemen. Up until the reveal they didn't acknowledge that they were related even though they had the same last name. They had also worked as brothers in other promotions in the past, but in the olden days fans in one territory usually didn't know about things going on somewhere else. (In reality they're Unrelated Brothers: Ron was actually Jimmy's stepfather.)

Western Animation
  • In the Rugrats Back Door Pilot for All Grown Up!, Angelica conviences everyone Pickles is a common last name, and she is in no way related to the younger, dorkier Tommy. A bit of Dramatic Irony in play as the fact they were cousins in the parent show was well known.
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