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Flying Postman
The mail is delivered by the flight-capable.
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If you've got a world populated by multiple different sapient species, and that world has a postal service, chances are the mail delivery will be handled by a species capable of flight. If the postman themselves isn't flight-capable but uses a mount that is, that's this trope, too.

This trope practically justifies itself; after all, if you need to task someone with mail delivery, why not pick someone who can fly over all the ground hazards and easily land at each mailbox?

Particularly common in Ocean Punk settings, most likely because the lack of land magnifies the advantages of flight.

Can be a form of Mundane Utility. If you're comparing this trope to Flying Dutchman, you're probably reading too quickly.


Anime and Manga

Fan Fiction

  • In the Harry Potter series, owls are used to deliver mail.
  • In Cold Copper Tears of the Garrett, P.I. series, a description of the multi-species crowd in a TunFaire neighborhood includes a mention of a winged pixie messenger.

Video Games

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Carrier pigeons can be seen as a downplayed example.
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