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Slashed Across the Face
A character gets a meaningful wound on the face.
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This is a trope that can be found whenever fights are involved. In a melee battle, the head is usually a difficult target (compared to, say, the torso). However, is also a vital spot, so is advised to keep it safe.

Generally, a slash on the face, vertical or horizontal, can be significative, as in "look how he/she went close to kill you!", and will almost always leave a scar on the face. Sometimes, (especially if the villain is on the receiving end), the scarred will hold a grudge against the one who sliced him, keeping the scar as a memento.

Alternatively, sometimes facial scars can be meaningful if self-inflicted, usually as either a sacrifice of some sort or due to a test or ritual.

Can border with both Eye Scream and Eyes Are Unbreakable, depending on wether the wound squishes the eye or not. Will almost always result in Good Scars, Evil Scars or in a Glasgow Grin.


[[AC:Anime and Manga

  • Gamaran loves this trope, as a large amount of characters gets sliced in the face, usually as a proof of how good their opponent is, though most of the time is deadly. Most notable cases include Nikaido Masaku (got sliced twice over the same eye, once in the past, then on the chin and finally horizontally in the other eye), Sakakibara Sasuke (cut across the face to enphasize how much Zenmaru's improved), Omiya Banri (diagonally across the face, though he survived) and Kizaki Gensai, across the eye.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin had his cheek sliced twice, hence the scar. Gohei Hiruma get sliced horizontally across the face by Sanosuke's Zanbato, and the next time we see him he has a noticeable scar. Also Shikijo in his backstory, due to Aoshi's attack.
  • Tokiko Tsumura in Busou Renkin has a horizontal scar across her cheeks and nose, received when a humanoid homunculus attacked her as a child. (It helps that the author admits to her being a partial expy of Kenshin's Hitokiri Battousai mode.)
  • In One Piece, Shanks has a claw-like mark on his eye, due to Blackbeard wearing Wolverine Claws somewhere in the past. In the second movie one of the villains has a deep diagonal scar on the face, courtesy of Zoro (who didn't recognize him). Zoro himself gets a face scar over his eye after the Time Skip. As a self-inflicted example we have Luffy himself, who slashed his cheeck with a knife to impress Shanks.
  • In InuYasha, during their second battle Inu Yasha manages to cut a deep scar in Sesshomaru's cheek.
  • Seen several times in Bleach, with one jarring example standing out: during the Ichigo vs Kenpachi battle, the former tries to stop the charging Kenpachi by stabbing his face with the tip of his sword. The latter keeps going, Slasher Smile and all, as the sword slides on his face giving him a rather long cut. Much later we find out that the vertical scar on Kenpachi's face was given to him by Unohana Yachiru, the first Kenpachi and the only person he highly respects.

Comic Books

  • Happens to Perfect Storm in X-Men Forever due to Kitty Pride's attack.


  • In The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya has two scars, one on each cheek, that he received from the six-fingered man, Count Rugen, who killed his father, though in this case it's done as a Mark of Shame. At the end when he faces Rugen he returns the favor right before killing him.
  • Snow White & the Huntsman has a whole village of women and girls who scarred their own faces to avoid being preyed upon by Queen Ravenna, who gains magic power by draining youth and beauty from young women.

Video Game

  • In God of War II, Kratos ends up doing this to the Colossus of Rhodes after their first struggle. In Ghost of Sparta, is revealed that Kratos' own face scar comes from Ares hitting him when he was taking Deimos away.

Video games

  • Skies of Arcadia: Legends: In the Gamecube remake, the Piastol/Moonfish sidequest ultimately reveals how Vsye got the scar under his left eye. A flashback, of when he and Aika were 10 and 9 respectively, shows they had taken part in the rescue mission to save Admiral Mendoza's ship, and had boarded, without any weapons. Piastol (also 10, at that time) assumed they were the ones responsible for the attack on their vessel. So she attacked with one of her knives, with the intent to kill Aika. Vyse threw himself in the way of the blade, to save her, resulting in the scar under his left eye.
    • The significance of Vyse's scar is different for Aika and Piastol.
    • For Aika, it's a constant reminder to never be careless again, by leaving her weapons behind, because of what it nearly cost Vyse; which she's never forgiven herself for. For Piastol, it's an identifying mark of the one she holds responsible for her father's death.
  • In Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Shadee gets to show her skills in swordmastery by slashing the Prince's face, causing him to yell the infamous line "You Bitch!".
  • In SaGa 2, Flora/Olivia cuts a scar on her face to mar her beauty so that Venus will exile her and she can be with the man she loves, who was exiled from Venus' city of beauty after suffering a wound to his leg.

Real Life

  • Elite German student fraternities (Burschenschaften) often had (and some still have) a ritual for new members where he would get slashed on the cheek with a fencing sword, leaving a small scar as a lifelong sign of his membership.

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