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Iron Man Mode

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Not to be confused with Iron Man. Iron Man Mode is a typically "self imposed challenge" (but shows up in many games as a proper option or even mandatory, which is what this trope is about). The opposite of Save Scumming, saving your game is purely for the purpose of suspending play. Common in Roguelikes. See also Final Death, where characters just can't be brought back from the dead.

Games with Iron Man as an option

  • Diablo 2 has Hardcore mode, a typical Iron Man mode in all but name. Prior to the latest patch it required beating the game at least once, but may now be done at the start.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil provides an option for this.

Non-Roguelikes with mandatory Iron Man.

  • The first Way of the Samurai made all saves within a cycle only suspend the game, while losing meant you lost the swords on your person (though not the ones in the vault). Loosened up in the sequels, where you can make real saves during a cycle, though the game never provides you with an option to load instead of face death (you have to restart the console if you seek to exploit this).
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