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Cape Decay
When the ultimate paragon is broken, morally or emotionally over time.
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The Classic Hero: Strong, intelligent, Determined and really boring to write.

To spice things up the hero is one way or the other broken.

Done well it can give some depth to the character and their mythos. Done poorly it can lead to a Wangst fueled Dork Age

  • Many Elseworld stories Superman becomes disillusioned with humanity due to either a close one's death or Luther getting off free one too many times. The results are rarely pretty ranging from Clark giving up his life as a hero to Superman becoming a Knight Templar.
  • Before the New52 Billy Batson aka Captain Marvel aka Shazam! was an even bigger boy scout than Superman. After the switch he became a selfish jerkass.
  • In the early days of the X-Men Cyclops was a competent leader but as Wolverine took the spotlight writers tried to make him more interesting by making him more like Wolverine and giving angst to work with by killing his wife.
  • While Reed Richards was always a bit overly focused on science this has been exagurated to the point that he's a massive jerkass that can barely keep the team together and even become Dr. Doom in Ultimate Marvel.
  • Tiger & Bunny: Mr. Legend, one of the original and most famous heroes, started losing his powers as he got older. Hero TV started staging his rescues, and he descended into alcoholism and domestic abuse.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, Superman (and the entire League for that matter) goes through a lot of decay during the Cadmus Arc, when confronted by the mistrust of the people they protect (or rather, their government). Captain Marvel even calls Superman out on it--which helps to slow down his decay somewhat.
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