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Rape Out Of Lust

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Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil and often indicates that a character who attempts it is a Complete Monster. Sometimes rather than being for simply for evil purposes, although a character who rapes another character is definitely not a nice person, a character rapes or attempts to rape another character because they lust (sexually) after them and perhaps couldn't control their sexual urges/desires. Sometimes they just threaten or imply that they want to rape them.

Anime and Manga
  • In one episode, a random guy approached Karin and said she has a pretty nice body. When she tried to get away he grabbed her and pulled her down a alley. Thankfully Karin's sister saved her.
  • In Mawaru-Penguindrum episode 11, Ringo drugs Tabuki with a Love Potion that makes him lust for her, but when she backs off she barely escapes being in the receiving end of this at the hands of a Tabuki who is very much Not Himself.


Live Action Tv
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