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Suspiciously Similar Licensed Game
Licensed Video Game heavily borrowing gameplay concepts from other video games.
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Developing a licensed game can be hard. In addition to all the normal challenges of making video games, developers of licensed games face additional obstacles in the form of tight deadlines to coincide with the release of other licensed media, extra layers of Executive Meddling due to having to work with a video game publisher and the owner of the licensed property, limited budgets, or having to work with source material that just doesn't translate well into a video game.

However, sometimes, the developers really do care. They're going to make a good game, in spite of the obstacles standing in their way. Maybe their reputation is at stake. However, they still have to deal with all these problems, so in making their awesome game, they make take a few shortcuts; namely, heavily borrowing concepts from original video game properties. After all, its easier and less time consuming to use tried and true concepts rather than experiment with new ones. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe the developers think that the gameplay of a certain game matches perfectly with the licensed work. Maybe the original game is more obscure and they see tying a popular license to it is a good way to give it some recognition. Regardless of the reason, what you have now is a Suspiciously Similar Licensed Game.
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