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Mister Missile
A sapient guided missile
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Alt titiles: Talking Rocket, Persona de Projectile, Sapient Missile Guidence, Smart Missile, Homing Mook, Projectile With Personality, Projectile Personality, Projectile Personhood, Projectile With Personality, Personified Projectile, Projectile Mook.
Very Smart Missiles

Simply put, projectiles with personality.

This is when bullets, missiles, launched grenades etc have sapience, can talk and/or express emotion. How they come to be may be a work of science (can be a complement to a Homing Projectile), magical, or, in humorous examples, they just starts talking on their own.

Sister trope of Living Weapon.

See Also: Action Bomb, Attack Drone, Abnormal Ammo, Mecha-Mook, Super-Persistent Missile, and Surveillance Drone.


Anime and Manga
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Ghost Kamikaze Attacks are self distructive if comical mooks that may or may not unleash Ki attacks.
  • Galaxy Angel: Normad is the AI chip of one of these.
  • Laserbeak in Transformers Cybertron transformed into a bomb, but was never truly used as such. It was more thematic to go with his partner, Soundwave, who turned into a bomber.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie: Robotnik fires two missiles at the same time. One, a rabbit-themed missile takes off and streaks towards the target. The second one, a turtle-themed missile slowly flies off. It reappears at the end of the movie where it grabs the schematics for Metal Sonic before detonating.

Comic Books
  • Metal Men: Had recurring nemeses the Missile Men.
  • The K-Class Decepticons in IDW's run of The Transformers all turn into bombs just before impact.
  • Played with in Marvel Comics' adaptation of Star Wars. Imperial technicians are attempting to defuse a large, sentient bomb left behind on Bespin. The bomb coaches them through the process, claiming, "Hey, I don't want to blow up." However, one technician soon hears a sound which he describes as an arming mechanism engaging. The bomb responds, "It was ... suckers." It then explodes, killing all the techs and toppling Bespin.

  • Dark Star: Features a bomb with delusions of godhood.
  • In The Matrix series the Machines have self-guided flying bomb robots that seek out and ram opponents, blowing up when they do so. Sentinels use them to destroy the Vigilant and the Nebuchadnezzar in The Matrix Reloaded and in The Matrix Revolutions the Machines use a swarm of them to attack the Logos as Neo and Trinity attempt to reach the Machine City.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The bullets in Eddie's Toon pistol are intelligent and can change course in flight to pursue a target. Unfortunately they're "dumb dumb" bullets (i.e. not too bright) and easily distracted.

  • The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge. Jim diGriz develops a small flying bomb with a computer brain. It enters an enemy starship, looks for the ship's warpdrive generator and throws itself against the drive, exploding and destroying it.
  • Invoked in ''Return to Rocheworld", two semi-sentient robotic orbitally-dropped kinetic probes are launched, and spend most of their time commenting on how they're gonna smash their targets.
  • Human and Turusch missiles in the Star Carrier series are piloted by weak AIs that have been known to use stealth tech to sneak-attack their enemies. They're functionally impossible to shake, so defeating them invariably involves shooting them down.
  • In the Starwars Expanded Universe projectiles like these are referred to as brilliant missiles due to the capabilities of their droid brains, some are man portable.
  • Grunts!: Features some amusing smart bullets that want to be fired.

Live-Action TV
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Had two episodes where Interstellar Weapons one of which was as large as a manned starship were guided by artificial intelligence.
  • Lexx: Despite calling itself a bug bomb a extremely small bug shaped pilotless helicopter was programmed to deliver itself to a location then explode.

Table Top Games

Video Games

Web Comic
  • Schlock Mercenary has had a number of intelligent munitions, notably the set of superbombs attached to the Kitesfear which actually argued amongst themselves as to whether their detonation criteria had been officially met yet. However, all but the very dumbest of these were later ruled to be cruelty to AIs and were outlawed.
    • Tagon's Toughs' terripedos, were once used as outboard propulsion turning mega-structure scrap into a sapientstarship.
  • In Darths & Droids during the opening battle taken from Revenge of the Sith, the missiles fired at Anakin and Obi-Wan are sentient and quite chatty.

Web Original
  • Red vs. Blue has Andy the bomb, a very foul-mouthed bomb that probably passes the Turing Test. Because he was built partially from parts scavenged from a protocol robot, he can even act as a translator. He also apparently somehow survives his own explosion and is even heard complaining that the size of the blast was disappointing.

Western Animation
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