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The Plot Changed Real Life
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The inverse of Real Life Writes the Plot. When a storyline on a show has real consequences. Compare Defictionalization and Real Life cases of Becoming the Mask.


  • Agatha Christie's novel The Pale Horse had a series of murders by Thallium poisoning. Thallium poisoning can often be mistaken for a variety of natural causes, but the one constant is that the victim's hair falls out. This book inspired at least one Real Life murderer to use Thallium, but it also helped a nurse diagnose a case of accidental Thallium poisoning in a young child.
  • In the first Maximum Ride novel, Max breaks the fourth wall by saying that the reason we don't actually see the scene of the flock hot-wiring a car is because she doesn't want overzealous readers to go out and do the same.
  • In-Universe: This is the premise of the film Stranger Than Fiction. When an author writes her novels, little does she know that the events actually happen to people in real life.
  • Ronald Mallett was inspired to conduct his research on Time Travel by the cover of a comic book version of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Professional Wrestling
  • Kurt Angle was in a storyline where his wife Karen was cheating on him with Jeff Jarrett. That ended up with Karen divorcing Kurt and becoming Mrs. Jarrett.
  • Randy Savage apparently gave Lance Storm some friendly advice. To paraphrase him, "I once involved my wife in an angle. I don't got no wife no more."
  • Matt Hardy and his girlfriend Lita were involved in an angle with Edge, which resulted in Lita actually hooking up with Edge.
  • When Ted Dibiase started working as the Million Dollar Man, the then-WWF needed him to play the role to the hilt to protect kayfabe, so it gave him a bankroll many guys probably would have killed to have just so he could do things like travel by private jet, ride around in limos, and stay in high-class hotels.
  • Before Kurt Angle, Kevin Sullivan booked his own divorce by having his wife sneak around with another wrestler, and made them get hotel rooms together to keep up appearances. She fell in love with the other wrestler, divorced Sullivan, and married him. The other wrestler: Chris Benoit.
  • Triple H was in an angle where he married Stephanie McMahon. After their on-screen split, they ended up marrying in Real Life, which (obviously) ended his on- and off-screen relationship with Chyna.
  • According to some Wild Mass Guessing, The Montreal Screwjob was a big one. Vince McMahon and Bret Hart worked it out so Hart could go to WCW and eventually put them out of business. (Not that WCW needed help...)
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