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Journey To The Girls' Changing Room
A character (intentionally or non-) finds himself in the opposite gender's restroom or dressing room. HillarityEnsues.
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The ultimate adventure for any pervert worth his salt is the women's restroom or changing room. Not only is this a forbidden zone to them, but it's also where they can see as much of the opposite gender's body as possible. Hence, many lecherous characters will try to sneak in there in order to get a peek. If it's a restroom they're sneaking into, the weirdness of getting turned on by someone else going to the bathroom will not be brought up. How likely they are to actually see get a glimpse of what they came to see is inversely proportional to how much they wanted to see it. On the one hand, a character who intentionally machinates to get in and spy on helpless girls will usually either see something he didn't want to see, or he'll be introduced to the business end of a Hyperspace Mallet by a girl in Pervert Revenge Mode. On the other hand, a character who winds up there completely accidentally probably will get an eyeful of an attractive member of the opposite gender - and be scarred by the experience.

See also Wig, Dress, Accent when the character sneaks into the opposite gender's restroom (or anywhere else) disguised as the opposite gender.

This is definitely a Comedy Trope, as well as one that is highly skewed toward men, since All Men Are Perverts, after all.

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Anime and Manga
  • In Ranma, Ranma once used his Gender Bender curse to gain access to the girl's changing area (he'd been led to believe he could find a cure there). Unfortunately he'd picked the time the girls were using it, and Akane recognised him. Violence Ensued.

  • Oh so ubiquitus in Porn. A couple of softcore examples:
    • The Cheerleaders (1973): as a part of the female protagonist's hazing into the high school cheerleading squad she has to go into the boys locker room and take a shower. Just then the boys come in after gym. She manages to escape intact.
    • Revenge of the Cheerleaders (1976, only relation to the above is the producers): the Boy Crazy cheerleaders sneak naked into the basketball team's post-practice shower.
    • Hot Times: Archie and his friend sneak into the girls locker room and end up hiding in a couple of trashcans when the girls' gym class comes in.
    • (TV) Opposite Sex, a Short Lived Fox show in 2000. Three boys are enrolled in a formerly all-girls school; after the first day of gym all the students are herded into the locker room, and the boys go in too. They're confused but also happy. Then they get kicked out and have to change in a broom closet.
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