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Nice Blonde Bitchy Brunette
A pair of ladies where the blonde is kind, and the brunette is not so kind (if not outright evil).
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This might fall under Tropes In Aggregate, but I have seen it enough times.

Also, this came close to an alliterative title, but "benevolent" and "benign" were the the closest synonyms, and neither really fits the trope well.

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You have a pair of (usually) ladies, and you can tell the nice one because she is blonde, and the not nice (or evil) one because she is a brunette.

Why this is so can have various reasons. Perhaps it's because Everyone Loves Blondes. In The '80s, it might have just been follow the leader due the popularity of Joan Collins's role in Dynasty. For whatever reason, this is in a number of shows.

Also, how good and bad the characters are can vary. The blonde could be a Messianic Archetype who's a Friend to All Living Things, or just moderately more kind than the brunette. The Brunette could be an outright monster, or just a bit more spoiled and selfish than the blonde.

This often includes Light Feminine and Dark Feminine. Heck, this could even include a Dumb Blonde and Brainy Brunette.

Also, if this is part of a Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trio, the redhead could be anything, as long as the blonde and brunette fit their roles.

A Sub-Trope of Good Colors, Evil Colors, Good Hair, Evil Hair.

Compare Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette.

Contrast Blondes Are Evil.


Anime and Manga
  • In Chibi Devi, the blonde Rai is compassionate and mature for his age, whereas Karin, who has mousy brown hair, tends to be selfish and bad-tempered.

Comic Books


Live Action TV
  • Dynasty became this in the second season, with the arrival of Alexis Carrington, the Manipulative Bastard brunette first wife of Blake Carrington, compared to Krystle Grant Jennings, the beleaguered blonde second wife.

Western Animation
  • In Beverly Hills Teens, Brunette brat Bianca was always trying to get the better of not spoiled blonde Larke (although both were part of Fiction 500 families).
  • The eponymous blonde Princess of Lady Lovely Locks compared to the evil brunette Duchess Ravenwaves, who wanted Lovely Locks's hair, for it will allow her to conquer the kingdom.
  • Of the Powerpuff Girls, the blonde Bubbles is the sweet-natured but naive one, while the black-haired Buttercup is a tough-as-nails Tomboy Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Blossom, the redhead, is in between.

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