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Bench Breaker
A character breaks the chair they are tied to.
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Needs a Better Title. Rolling Updates.

What title would you guys like? Chair cracker? Chair crusher? Seat smasher?

When a character is tied to a chair, bench, stool or other sitting device, they usually try to pick their handcuffs, rub their ropes against a conveniently placed shard of glass, or some other action that affects their bindings. Not so with the Bench Breaker; the character manages to break free by destroying the chair itself.

This is not Breaking the Bonds - it usually is done by a normal human who is desperate enough to ram themselves into a wall just to damage the chair, or nearly break a limb leveraging it.


  • Lennie Pike from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World breaks the chair that he was tied to after breaking himself free from the pillar and duct tape that the gas station attendants tried tying up him to.

Live-Action Television:

Video Games:
  • In the intro scenes of Arkham City, Bruce Wayne rocks back and forth in a chair he's been tied to, and then escapes from his bonds once he (and it) topples to the ground.
  • Max Payne waits until Franky is out of the room, and then falls backwards on his chair in order to crack the wood.
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