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Disks, plates, saw blades, and even shields and manhole covers are effective weapons when thrown. This type of weapon is typically a Pinball Projectile or Precision-Guided Boomerang.

See also Rings of Death, Improvised Weapon, and Improbable Use of a Weapon.


Anime and Manga
  • If we count energy disks, Krillin's Destructo Disk from Dragon Ball Z which acts like a sawblade that cuts through anything.
  • Eternal Sailor Moon does this with a pizza. Though it's technically a Shout-Out to her first attack, Moon Frisbee/Moon Tiara Action.

Comic Books
  • Trash can lids has been used, by Steve Rogers IIRC (he was out of costume and had to improvise).
    • Captain America's one-time sidekick Nomad used weighted throwing disks as weapons.
  • The Marvel superhero Ricochet, who has the superability to throw discs and have them hit whatever he wants.
  • There is a minor villain in the Marvel Universe called Discus. Guess what he hurls as weapons?
  • Ozymandias uses his plate as one during the climactic fight of Watchmen.
  • One of the New Universe characters had telekenetic control over one object and one object only... a hubcap.



Live-Action TV

  • LEGO: the Throwbots/Slizer series featured robots that throw disks.
    • BIONICLE, the successor of the before mentioned series and Roboriders, reuses the disk as weapons for Matoran. Later, Kanoka Disks were added, fired using a launcher.

Western Animation
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