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Magical ability to spot the Chosen One.
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"Legitimancy" is a portmanteau of "legitimate" = one true king and "mancy" = fortune-telling: the magical ability to recognize the one true king and convince others.

  • LOTR: Gandalf told everybody that Aragorn is King of Gondor and they believed him.
  • Subverted in Disc World, Carrot refuses to be Tyrant because Mr. Vimes would go spare.
  • Star Wars: Yoda don't believe that Luke is worthy of Jedi training until Obi Wan's ghost explains the prophecy.
  • Zig-Zagged in Harry Potter: the Prophecy said either Harry or Neville would be the Messiah. Dumbledore made his millions by insisting that Harry is the Christ-child. Books 1-6 showed Harry being the Awesome one. Bk7 showed Neville being the Awesome one. After the books were over, JKR did interviews and Word Of God asserts that Harry is the Awesome one.
  • Rose of Street Fighter, thanks in part to being a spiritually aware Fortune Teller. According to her, Ryu is The Fool, the one person who can defeat Bison for good, but only at a specific time. As that time has yet to come, Rose sees it fit that she help guide the wandering warrior along his destined path while preventing him and other allies from prematurely fighting Bison.
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