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Personnel-Pinning Projectiles
Projectile weaponry that pin bodies to walls
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Basically, the ability to staple dead bodies to walls using projectile weapons from across the room. This almost invariably takes the form of guns that shoot spikes, arrows, or other pointy objects, frequently a crossbow.

This can break suspension of disbelief where a handheld weapon fires a projectile that flings enemies across the room and embeds itself the wall behind them, without a clean through-and-through. This often has the potential to kill whatever is standing behind them as well. However, this can be overlooked in the name of both Rule of Fun and Rule of Cool.

Subtrope of Wreaking Havok and Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. See also Knife Outline, for non-lethal cases.


Video Games

  • Thunderball. James Bond fires a speargun at Largo's henchman Vargas, pinning him against a tree and killing him.
  • In Carrie, Carrie's mother was impaled against a doorframe with steak knives in a picture-perfect imitation of the Christ-on-the-Cross.
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