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I'm Evil! I Mean, I'm Good!

A character realizes they're explaining their evil plan in front of the good guy and tries to retract it with

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An evil character is hatching their evil plan, which involves pretending to be someone else in front of the oblivious good guy. As they act the part, they get caught up in their excitement, and suddenly burst out with an Evil Laugh and exclaim the details of their evil plot! ...and then they notice the good guy staring at them quizzically. They quickly stutter, "Oh, I mean..." and pretend to be good again, which the other character readily accepts, acting as though they never even heard the original statement. Usually, if not always, Played for Laughs, and most often present in cartoons.

The only examples I can think of are in Spongebob - Plankton will often laugh evilly while shouting in front of the eponymous character about his latest plan to steal the Krabby Patty Formula, only to notice Spongebob staring at him in confusion and say "Uh, I mean..." and make an excuse for it. I know it happens in other works, though. Help please?

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