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A (normally) good show that happens to be on the wrong channel.
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The Good Guys, which being a police centered dramedy (with the emphasis on the EDY part), would have been perfect for USA. However, it was put on FOX, where it proceeded to get cancelled unfairly after one glorious year.

My Name is Earl, with it's quirk-laden blue-collarness, would have been perfect for FOX. While it had three successful years on NBC, it was cut after the fourth, despite NBC giving the go-ahead for a 5th Season, which prompted Greg Garcia to end the final episode on a cliff-hanger. Interestingly enough, after the fourth season there was talk that the show would hop to FOX (or ABC, TNT, or most notably TBS), but this never happened. Also, Jaime Pressley's next show would be on FOX and Jason Lee's next show would be on TNT.

The Goode Family aired on ABC. Despite being an animated comedy. Despite centering around a family. Despite having Mike Judge (King of the Hill) as star/creator. Despite featuring Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad!) playing the family pet. And Brian Doyle-Murray (formerly of Get a Life AND Bakersfield P.D.). Despite all of this, it was not on FOX. It was cancelled after 13 episodes.

NBC's Whitney is created by Whitney Cummings (creator of 2 Broke Girls). And it has a laugh track. And it does not feature high-brow humor. Yet, it is not on CBS.

ABC Family's The Middleman might have worked on SyFy (then called Sci-Fi, which it might not have worked quite as well on) or even regular ABC. But it didn't even make sense on ABC Family.

Clerks definitely would have lasted longer had it not been on ABC. Granted, 2 episodes (plus 4 more on Comedy Central) is not at all hard to beat. Granted ABC also had Work It, but that was cancelled for a reason.

Speaking of that, Work It may have possibly (but unlikely) worked on Logo.

Had Everybody Hates Chris been sent to BET after the UPN/The WB merger, it most likely would have lasted longer than 3 more seasons. Although they might have gotten rid of Greg.

Speaking of Mitchell Hurwitz, none of his shows were cut out for broadcast television. Arrested Development would have benefited on HBO when it was made (Showtime now, or Party Down-era Starz), Sit Down Shut Up on Comedy Central, and Running Wilde might have fared better if all the episodes on FX, because the show was milder, but more subtle, than Arrested Development. Not being stereotypical, but The Ellen Show might have lasted on Logo, and Brothers might have lasted on BET.

FOX's Lie to Me would have fared well on USA. However, unlike the Good Guys, it is dramatic enough to have made it on AMC.

Some argue the Hub's Dan Vs. seems better suited for Adult Swim.

CBS aired the American adaptation of Creature Comforts which was cancelled after 3 episodes and sent off to air the remaining 4 on Animal Planet. It might have lasted if it was on Animal Planet the whole time.

CBS's cult-series Love Monkey (nothing to do with animals) was ALSO cancelled after 3 episodes and then sent to VH-1. If it was on NBC (where the high-brow humor and witty banter would not have been lost on viewers), or maybe VH-1 the whole time, the show probably would have lasted.

The League is faring excellently on FX. However, if ESPN still aired scripted (or in this case partially scripted) programming, it may have served as FX's breakout series.

Fox's Bob's Burgers would probably be better suited for FX, as a result of the oddball humor. Luckily, it seems to be holding its own ground on FOX's sunday night schedule.

Had Warren the Ape been on IFC instead of MTV, it would probably be thriving.

There should be quite a few more examples of this.
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