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Hellish Red

Red is a sign of the diabolic and evil.

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Hellfire is red. As an obvious consequence, red is a color of evil.

Red also carries connotations of aggression and violence when used as a villain color, and most often, this will be blood red.

Opposite of Heavenly Blue. Supertrope of Big Red Devil, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Evil Redhead, and Red Eyes, Take Warning. A villainous Lady in Red can also fit this trope.

Contrast Red Is Heroic


Anime & Manga
  • In Death Note, Light's eye's are often portrayed as red, especially when he needs to look extra evil.

  • Sith lightsabers in Star Wars are almost always red.
  • Alucard's signature outfit in Hellsing is a red suit with a large red hat. He's more of a Blood Knight Anti-Hero than a villain, though due to his undying loyalty to Integra.

Live Action TV
  • Frasier: In the 10th season episode "The Devil & Dr. Phil", Frasier worries that he's being tempted into a Deal with the Devil by his former agent, Bebe. He finds her apartment is filled with hellish symbolism, including steam (to remove wrinkles from her clothes), an Ethereal Choir (practicing nearby), and red light (from a sign outside her window).

Tabletop Games

Video Games
  • In Warcraft2, the orcs are often the red faction. In the sequel, Fel Orcs corrupted by demons turn bright red.
  • Shivans from Freespace - ancient, powerful Omnicidal Maniac race have black/grey ships with red Tron Lines and red colored weapons (especially beams). And their theme naming (given by Terrans) use demonic names from various mythologies.
  • In the iOS game Highborn, the Decay faction is red. (Until you get to play as them in the third chapter - then they're blue and the Highborn are red.)

Web Comics
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