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Lots of comedies feature restaurants and other food service venus with breathtakingly bad public health risks. Food is sold months even years after its expiration date. It's often prepared by an uncouth cook who manages to get a great deal of hair and bodily fluid into whatever he's cooking. This is almost always played for laughs.

A Leathal Eatery may employ a Lethal Chef or two but in some cases the food tastes alright despite being coated in bacteria.

See also Greasy Spoon.




  • In Spaceballs, it's implied that the customer of a space diner contracted the alien parasite from the food he was served.


  • Most of the restaurants in Ankh-Morkpork are like this. A character mentions at one point that trying to have public health laws would be like "installing smoke detectors in Hell."

[[folder:Live Action Television]]

  • Torgo's Pizza in Mystery Science Theater 3000, ultimately closed down due to sanitation problems.

  • On Cheers Norm's favorite restaurant, the Hungry Heifer, is sometimes described like this. He goes there because the food is cheap and tastes OK, but there is the occasional stomach-pumping incident.

[[folder:Western Animation]]

  • The Simpsons has two classic examples. There's the Quick-E-Mart where nearly every perishable item is past its expiration and Moe's Tavern which is home to herds of rats, has cockroaches swimming in its pickled eggs and occasionally uses old hypodermic needles as martini straws.

  • Panuccis pizza from Futurama follows this trope, among other things the owner scratches himself with a pepperoni roll, blows his nose with pizza dough, and uses his pizza paddle to spank his employees and kill rats.
    • Elzars is also crawling with roaches despite being a gourmet restaurant.
    • There's also the Signoid pizza shop. The restaurant uses manure in its pizzas due to a gross ignorance of earth cuisine.

  • The Krusty Krab. Especially in "Born-Again Krabs." Remember how Krabs wanted to sell that old smelly Krabby Patty to save a few cents?
    Squidward: Spongebob, can I get one with less...fog?

  • When Beavis And Butthead work at Burger World, something usually goes wrong. If it isn't that the boys have decided to deep fry some vermin, it's that Beavis has used the spatula to scratch his jock itch.

  • Every restaurant in Invader Zim is caked in grime and filth and staffed by disgusting uncouth slobs. All part of the hilarious misanthropic atmosphere of Invader Zim.

  • Gusteau's is wrongly thought to be this in Ratatouille.

[[folder:Video Games]]

  • The game Hector: Badge of Carnage has Chez LeBouffett. The place is swarming with flies and if you complain about the meat on your plate the waiter will grab your half eaten meal, dump it back into the buffet cart and then serve you a new plate from the ensuing pile. Hector does some horrifyingly disgusting things in the game but he refuses to eat the food at the restaurant.

  • Stinky's Diner from the Telltale Sam & Max games.



French-Canadian series Les 2 Minutes du Peuple has "Snack Bar chez Raymond".

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