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biological maturity level
this when people's maturity level is determined by physical age rather then Chronological
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in real life it's impossible to say to what extent the different levels of emotional maturity we have at different times of our lives are the result of biology or experience as you can't exactly put a 66 year old in to the body of a 15 year old to check

many fantasy fictional works however despite the most common sense answer being mostly experience, will very heavily imply the that it's biology. The reason for this is that if this wasn't the case it would be impossible to do stories truly involve age changing without erasing the character's memory or something



  • in Jumanji Sarah mentions feeling more and more like a kid mentally after being returned to her 13 year old body in 1969
  • in The Chroniclesof Narnia the characters behave and think very much like children and teens despite being in their 30s chronologically

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