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The Fat Guy
The one fat guy in the cast (usually comical).
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When it comes to children's media and the like, it seems that whenever there's a gang of lead characters there's always one person that's fatter than the rest of the cast.

This kid will almost always be male, and he or she'll almost always be the Butt Monkey/Chew Toy/Plucky Comic Relief - often, though not always, through their Big Eater and Gasshole tendencies.

These are usually found in comedies, often children's media and sitcoms.

Closely related to Fat Girl. A Sister Trope to Fat Idiot. You'll often find these kids gobbling up the ammo of a Food Fight.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • The Blob from X-Men. A rare example of a dramatic version of this trope.

Comic Strips

Fan Fic


  • Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the narrative outright berates him over this.
  • Piggy from Lord of the Flies is an intellectual, with poor eyesight, a weight problem, and asthma. He is the most physically vulnerable of all the boys. Despite his voice of reason, he lacks leadership qualities so his advise ends up being completely ignored.
  • Rowley Jefferson from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series generally fills this role. The fact that Greg Heffley is more-or-less stuck with him as a best friend is a constant indicator of Greg's unpopularity.
  • Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom starts this way. He sure doesn't end that way.

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