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Awkward Aftermath
Reacting with embarrassment after an intimate moment
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So two characters of any gender have just seen a terrifying monster, and hug each-other out of fear. Or perhaps the Tsundere just gave he Jerk with a Heart of Gold boyfriend an Accidental Hug after finding out he wasn't Killed Off for Real. Or perhaps two stoics have just woken up together after a Sleep Cute moment.

The natural reaction is complete embarrassment at being caught in such a situation. If they are lucky, no-one will be around to witness it and they can pretend it never happened. This is the Awkward Aftermath. It might take a moment for their situation to sink in, but once it does, expect lots of blushing to ensue, or just annoyance.

See Security Cling, Accidental Hug, and Sleep Cute for the set-up to these situations. Very likely to happen to a couple with Belligerent Sexual Tension, or just between two really shy people.


Anime and Manga
  • The second episode of Digimon Frontier had Takuya and Izumi fall down a pit together. She ends up clinging to him in fear. When she realizes what she is doing, she gets very embarrassed...and slaps him silly, blaming him for what happened.
  • In the Punk Hazard arc in One Piece, Zoro, Sanji (in Nami's body) and Brook is going away to find a samurai. While they're running, Sanji trips over... and Zoro quickly catches "his" hand, preventing him from falling over. Cue an awkward moment which Brook handily lampshades "Ooh, how romantic!" and then Zoro slammed Sanji down to the snow, angrily shouting that he doesn't care if he falls down. Note that this doesn't happen in the manga.
    • Earlier on, fillers tend to show more of this, including (forgot which episode) an almost-Accidental Kiss when they're sleeping together... only for them to bicker in their usual fashion shortly after.


  • Pictured Above, Ultimate Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy do this when they realized they were doing a Security Cling after witnessing a large explosion:
    Gwen: What was that?
    Mary Jane: Lightning?
    Gwen: Lightning doesn't go up!
    Mary Jane: I hope that wasn't something to do with Peter.
    Gwen: Not every crazy thing that happens in this city has something to do with Peter.
    Mary Jane: Um, why are we hugging?
    Gwen: I thought you hugged me.
    Mary Jane: No.
    Both girls look embarrassed.
    Gwen: Well, this is awkward.

Live-Action TV
  • Happy Endings had a whole episode dedicated to this. After exes Dave and Alex sleep with each other, she feels so awkward about it that she tries to convince him it never happened. Her sister tries to teach her "The Kirkovich Way", a special ability of the family to alter men's perceptions of reality.

Web Comics

Web Animation

Western Animation
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