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Double Date Decoy
Setting a friend up with your date's loser friend for a double date.
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Alice has plans to go out with Bob but suddenly, Bob cancels at the last minute. A friend or relative is visiting and wants to spend time with Bob. Bob doesn't want to be rude to his company by abandoning him for Alice, but his guest would be a Third Wheel if he brings him to his date with Alice. Not wanting to cancel the date, Alice convinces one of her friends to double date with Bob's friend.

For Alice and Bob, their date will be just fine, but for Alice's friend, it will be guaranteed to be a Bad Date, as Bob's friend will be so obnoxious or creepy that it becomes clear why he's single. This trope is usually Played for Laughs.

See also Dating Service Disaster.

Rolling Updates


  • In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers' friend Bucky has set up a double date for himself and Steve to attend the exposition. Steve is preoccupied with trying to get drafted, and he's still scrawny at this point, so the date does not go well, and he leaves early to try his luck at one more recruitment center.

Live-Action TV
  • Subverted On The Big Bang Theory Leonard and Howard have "the girlfriend pact". If one of them were ever to have a girlfriend while the other was single, the taken one's girlfriend must set the other up with one of her friends. After some convincing Leonard manages to get his girlfriend Penny to help him with his side of the pact, despite Penny's hesitation because of Howard's All Men Are Perverts schtick. The girl Penny sets him up with, Bernadette, true to form doesn't conect to Howard, get any of his jokes, or seem to particularly like anything...until they start bonding over their overbearing mothers. She ends up becoming a reoccurring, and then main character, that marries Howard at the end of season five
  • In The Brady Bunch episode "Double Date" Greg needs to find a double date for his girlfriend's cousin Linda. Only problem is, no one will agree to date someone with "pigtails and braces" from when Greg last saw her several years prior. So Greg's brother Peter donned a fake mustache and volunteered. Note: Linda was quite attractive, since time marches on.
  • Entourage: Johnny does this to Turtle in an episode.
  • One early episode of Friends had Joey and Chandler on a double date where they both knew this was what was happening (Chandler: "Now, remember, no switching, you get the hot one, I get the mess."), but it got even worse when it turned out Joey's date's crazy friend... was Janice.
  • On Gilmore Girls, Sookie's first date with Jackson is nearly ruined by the arrival of his cousin Rune. Sookie convinces Lorelai to go out with him, but he is less than impressed and tries to get Jackson to leave with him. Jackson finally grows a backbone and refuses, allowing Jackson and Sookie to have a nice first date.
  • Done in this sketch on In Living Color! involving the Ugly Wanda character. David Alan Grier's character invites Tommy Morrison's character on a double date. Morrison's character is horrified to find that his date is hideous and that he was invited just so Grier could score his much prettier date.
  • Rules of Engagement: Russel does this to Timmy a lot to the point that he refers to him as his "rodeo clown."
  • That '70s Show: Hyde tries to do this to Fez by swapping dates so Fez gets stuck with a boring religious girl. Subverted in that Fez got the better end of the deal.

  • Toby Keith's "Runnin' Block," is about Keith going out on a double date (and having sex with) the woman's unattractive, fatter sister.

  • In On the Town, when it appears that all trace of Ivy Smith has been lost, leaving Gabey the only sailor without a date, Hildy offers to fix Gabey up instead with her roommate, Lucy Schmeeler, not disclosing that Lucy has a nasty cold. It is arranged for Gabey to meet Lucy at a nightclub, but after two changes of venue, Gabey happens to find out that Ivy is at Coney Island, and Lucy just misses meeting him.

Western Animation
  • American Dad!:
    • Steve Smith is desperate for a hot date. ut the whammy is that he has to find a date for her Gargantua/Godzilla best friend, who is large and moustachio'd and inelegant... so he ropes in Roger the alien. Who is somewhat dismayed on meeting Godzilla and runs to the door.
    • There was another episode where Steve, in an attempt ask out this hot girl who believed her Doll Julie was a real person who wouldn't go out with him unless it had one, convinces Snot to do it. Then things got weird.

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