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A Certain Credits Style
60s style credits found in spy/caper works
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Up for Grabs. This is something I suggested a long time ago, and after seeing more examples of it recently, wanted to suggest it again and see if anyone could name it/describe it better.

This is a credit style that tends to have like silhouettes of characters fighting or being chased and will have a kind of minimalist, jazzy theme to it. I know The Pink Panther was one of the inspirations and the James Bond titles might also have something to do with it (more in terms of animation than the music), and I've heard reference to Saul Bass (e.g. North by Northwest and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) as an inspiration too.

Because of when the inspirations are set, this is common for works set in the 1960s or which have the general aesthetic of that decade. Expect this for anything that invokes the Tuxedo and Martini style.

Here's some examples to make it clearer:



Live Action Television

Western Animation
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