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Beating yourself up

Punching yourself out to get someone else in trouble.

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Someone pushes someone they don't like so far that they eventually start to get violent. However, this doesn't quite work when it comes to smarter people and pacifists, or maybe Bob just can't be bothered with the pushing process to begin with. That's when this trope comes into play; Bob purposedly hurts himself just to get to Alice. Whenever Alice tries to explain that Bob did this to himself, nobody believes her because "Why would someone do that?" Technically, this can range to Bob destroying his own possesions too, as long as it is just to get Alice in trouble (As opposed to just acting in a fit of rage)

Related to Insurance Fraud, but different in the sense that with Insurance Fraud, Bob is trying to get himself in a better position, while in this trope, Bob is trying to get Alice in a worse position.
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