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Cheating Equals Pregnancy
If you cheat on your husband/wife even once, you\'re getting a child.
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A subtrope of Can't Get Away with Nuthin' , this trope is used to teach people that it's very bad to cheat on your husband/wife. Apparently there's a Omniscient fertility god out there who just loves to make bastard children. And no, that does not mean that the child is a Jerkass, it just means that the parents are not married.

Bonus awkwardness points if
  • The wife cheats and her husband is sterile.
  • The wife cheats with a lover whose physical characteristics differ markedly from those of her husband (i.e. race, ethnicity, hair or eye colour)
  • the husband cheats and sires a child when his wife is infertile.

Seen It a Million Times.


  • Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury uses this. The husband (Will add the name later when I remember/find it) cheated on his wife during a single weekend, causing his lover to get a child. He never had sex with said lover before even once, but when he did, instant babies. The wife finds out about this when the lover dies and the kid pretty much shows up on their door, which results in major relationship problems.
  • In the King's Service should count as some variety of twisting this. Lady Jessamy and Donal produce a child, but their sexual encounter was specifically timed to her fertile period because they wanted a child (and one sired by her husband wouldn't be good enough).


Is this worthy of a split? Personally, I'd say yes, due to the ridiculous commonness of the trope when compared to other parts of Can't Get Away with Nuthin'
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