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Arbitrarily Large Bank Account
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This is kind of like the Infinite Supplies trope, except it seems like the organization that the heroes work for has replaced their bank accounts with a horn of plenty.

Examples: Torchwood: It seems that Torchwood has an unlimited bank account, and it is mentioned several times through the series how each of the members have had a significant pay increase over their old jobs. It seems that they all have rather nice places, and large amounts of spare cash since starting with Torchwood.

Both averted and played straight in Sanctuary. When the newbie to the team asks if there is a health plan, and Amanda Palmer's character says no. Although apparently the Sanctuary has enough resources to purchase a lot of new medical equipment, and pay the taxes and upkeep costs for a castle. Maybe they need a better HR department?

More examples? I also need to make a better, more witty description.
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