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Writers Are Lecherous
Writer characters are frequently depicted as maniacs when it comes to sex and relationships
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Foreword: Did a brief search on writers that are characters and didn't turn anything along this line. Also, it's my first YTTKW. Be gentle.

Sometimes, the protagonist of a story is a writer themselves. Sometimes protagonists are thinly veiled versions of the people who created them. Writers Are Lecherous occurs when a character is a writer but also an irresistable sex maniac. If All Men Are Perverts and Most Writers Are Male, then it's only logical to conclude that most writers are perverts. This trope is for characters that fall under such an evaluation.

This differs from a Marty Stu in that the character's hypersexuality is seldom played up as a good thing. It can damage his self esteem, his relationships with the people he cares about, and often his public image, or it can lead to parental disapproval and being called out as a cheater. If the character is especially unlucky he'll get all of the above.

These characters aren't Lovable Sex Maniacs due to consequences. Even if Played for Laughs, a writer depicted in this fashion seldom gets away with his antics, unlike the Lovable Sex Maniac. They also don't usually see themselves as career Casanovas, instead being genuinely interested in writing. They just happen to have a lot of sex related hobbies or passtimes.

Note that while this trope (in its current iteration) doesn't have to be Always Male, many examples will turn up that way since Most Writers Are Male and All Men Are Perverts.

See Also: Bourgeois Bohemian, the type of person who has a sexually liberated mindset but isn't necessarily creative.

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Live-Action Television

  • Californication: Moody might be the Most Triumphant Example, as a good chunk of his plot elements involve sleeping with, seducing, flirting or screwing around with the various women in his life.
  • Castle: Castle is twice divorced, and quite charming with the single ladies. He signs a woman's chest in the pilot at one of his booksignings.
  • Ringer: Henry is sleeping with Siobhan, who is his wife's best friend.

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