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Double-meanings involving the Family Jewels
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The word "ball" can have several innocent meanings (such as a spherical object used for amusement or athletics, a formal dance, having guts, etc.), but in its plural form, it can also be a slang term for a certain part of the male anatomy. Hence, there is a form of humor surrounding dialogue involving these items that could accidentally (or purposely) be misinterpreted to apply to the latter. Essentially, you could call it a "balls gag."

  • Wipeout: This show's most famous obstacle is the "Big Balls", a set of 4 giant red inflated balls that are meant to be bounced across. Hence, once a contestant gets to them, ball related jokes often get thrown right at them.
  • AC/DC has a song called "Big Balls". However, it is not about groins or Wipeout, but ballroom dances.
  • South Park: Chef's Image Song "Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)" runs on this.
  • Saturday Night Live also did a food-related variant: in perhaps the most famous edition of the "Delicious Dish" sketch (which parodies dull NPR radio shows with equally dull hosts), Alec Baldwin played a baker named Pete Schweddy, who came on the show to talk about his Christmas dish, "Schweddy Balls"
    • On a somewhat unrelated note, Baldwin returned for another Delicious Dish sketch, this time with his "Schweddy Wiener"
  • Ray William Johnson (as his animated alter-ego Your Favorite Martian) did a song about "My Balls"
  • Pokémon: In the Japanese versions, the "Nugget" item (a piece of gold with a high selling price) was known as the "Kin no Tama", literally "golden ball." Unfortunate implications arise when you become aware that "golden ball" is a Japanese slang for the testicles, and the thought of a stranger giving a 10 year old their "golden balls" becomes quite hilarious.
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