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Creepily Long Arms
Extra long arms to show how unnatural a monster or Humanoid Abomination is.
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"Look at those arms! I bet he gives wonderful hugs."

This is a trope where a monster of some kind has extra-long arms. These arms won't necessarily be used in a physical's more just to indicate how unnatural the monster is. Shows up frequently on Humanoid Abominations as a quick way to indicate something's not quite right.

In some cases, the arms themselves might not even need to be shown: if the creature/character in question is wearing clothes of some sort, the arms might be hidden at first by long sleeves, only for their unnatural length to be revealed when they bend the arm or grab something.

Often paired with Creepy Long Fingers. See also Noodle People.


Anime And Manga
  • In Death Note, a shinigami usually has long arms.


  • The Big Bad monster from Olympos by Dan Simmons, known as Setebos. It has miles upon miles of tentacles that burrow through the ground like a complex network of worms...but one of the heroes discovers that these are actually arms, with hands at the end of them. If you disturb one of them, the hand will grab you and the whole arm will retract, dragging you through the tunnels and eventually into one of Setebos's many mouths.

Live-Action Television
  • The episode "Squeeze", from the first season of The X-Files, features a man named Eugene who has creepily long everything, including arms. It turns out he can stretch himself to fit into narrow places.


  • The Dark Ones (aka "Homo Novus"), creatures from the game Metro 2033. They have extra long arms that they hold out creepily towards/around their victims as they telepathically menace them.
  • Based on SCP-087 from the SCP Foundation, the fan-created SCP-087 videogame features a creature like this at the bottom of the stairwell. As you approach it, it's hands come out of the darkness, unnaturally long.
  • The aptly named Dead Hand in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It has six of them, and they attempt to grab Link while the rest of its body remains underground.
  • In Half-Life, headcrab zombies develop unnaturally long arms and long claw-like fingers.
  • Endermen from Minecraft were partly inspired by the Slenderman mythos, and thus also have very long arms.
  • One of the Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2 is The Jockey, who's mutation has caused his arms to grow abnormally long. He shuffles on the ground on all fours like an ape, then jumps onto a player's back and grabs them by the head to "steer" them, often into a group of enemies.
  • Slender Man in the indie horror game SLENDER. If you beat the game you unlock "daytime mode" in which the sky is brightly lit. Beat daytime mode and Slender Man will appear with tentacles protruding from his back.
  • Lavos's final form in Chrono Trigger resembles a bipedal creature in a spacesuit with extra long arms that he raises dramatically to cast various attack spells.
  • Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The effect is enhanced by the tassels at the ends of his long sleeves. As it turns out, his actual arms aren't much shorter.

Web Original
  • Slender Man from the Slender Man Mythos. In certain stories, this is due to his arms actually being disguised tentacles.

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