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Romantically Unavailable Lady (hats?)
An attractive high class woman in who repeatedly refuses suitors
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Men of all levels of society will try to court her but this lady won't have any of it. She will be beautiful of course, high class, well-dressed, and rich but lonely. There's a good chance that she's just waiting for the right one to come along but doesn't see anyone worthy of her attention. That might be part of what makes her a Rebellious Princess or Spirited Young Lady. If the men look up to her she's a Peerless Love Interest as well as this.

Contrast Proper Lady. Compare Onee-sama.


  • The fairy tale "King Thrushbeard''—the princess does not want any man, so goes out of her way to find fault with all her suitors. This being a less tolerant age, her father declares she will be wed to the next man to come to the castle. He means it, too, and she is married to a wandering fiddler. It all turns out okay in the end.
  • The Japanese Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter has Kaguya-hime, who is very beautiful, but would reject every suitor by asking them to do impossible tasks.

  • In Aladdin Jasmine likes rejecting the arrogant suitors the Sultan offers her but Aladdin wants to be a prince just for the chance to be with Jasmine.
  • Jocelyn from A Knight's Tale seems used to young knights looking up to her and doesn't really respond to William's advances with anything but amusement bordering on annoyance until he stops treating her like an ideal by actually listening to her and trying to get to know her as a person.

  • Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice is the daughter of a landowning gentleman. She tells her sister that she wishes to marry for love so when Mr. Collins and later Mr. Darcy propose she strongly refuses.
  • George MacDonald Fraser's Author Avatar, Lieutenant Dand McNeill, is at the centre of much plotting and scheming when n a visit to his favourite aunt in the Scottish highlands. Aunt Alison is an independently wealthy woman who owns and runs an upscale hotel. This formidable, handsome and extremely strong lady is always surrounded by besotted male admirers but remains single, adeptly manipulating her would-be husbands whilst keeping all at arms' length. To her nephew's soldiers, she is a terrifying but just judge of their foibles and illegal dealings whilst in Perthshire - a county of Scotland that she practically runs as her fiefdom.

Live-Action TV
  • Fiona Coyne from Degrassi is the gorgeous daughter of a wealthy foreign diplomat. She keeps having to tell the guys that she's not interested when they flirt with her.
  • The Brady Bunch: Jan meets her Aunt Jenny, who in childhood photos was an exact double of her. However as an adult she looks like Imogene Coca. Nevertheless, due to her sparkling personality she gets marriage proposals a few times a week from assorted royalty and internationally powerful men; she turns them all down though, because if she married one she'd have to settle down and she enjoys her jet-setting lifestyle.

  • While Odysseus spent many years trying to return home after the Trojan War, his wife Penelope had a phalanx of suitors at her doorstep. The suitors tried fervently to convince Penelope that Odysseus had surely died, but Penelope refused to abandon hope. When Odysseus finally arrived, he found his home overrun with horny mooches, so he massacred them all.

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